Our Philospophy

We know that when we collaborate with others everthing is possible. We believe in peace, in gratitude, in purpose, in hope. Each of our pieces are made with people, materials and design that tells a story to inspire you. At Entoto, we believe in creating products and experiences with love for the earth and its people. In addition to creating unique hand-crafted jewelry pieces using local materials such as recycled tire thread, recycled bullet casing, re-used artillery shells, coated Ethiopian coffee beans and semi-processed gemstones in its metal bead

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé and UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador Victoria Beckham have completed a joint visit to Ethiopia to increase awareness about HIV and to underline the need to accelerate the international response to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

“It has been educational, it has been emotional but most of all so positive. I was impressed by the care and support services – the young mothers helping each other over a cup of coffee. To make change happen, no-one must be left behind, especially young girls, who are more vulnerable to HIV infection.” 

Victoria Beckham,
UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador

it has expanded and diversified its line of production to more labor-intensive ones, Leather Goods and Garments and Hand-Woven “Shemma” Cloth productions with the jewelry manufacturing side by side and opening Sales Outlets and Gallery as a means to achieve its objectives and mission. That’s why we partner with local women un rural villages across Guatemala. By consciously crafting each of our products, we inspire our artisans to make their dreams a reality and our customers to love a life of purpose.


We believe that small actions performed conscientiously and with commitment have marvelous results. That is why all our designs and processes are based on 4 principles. Each one is the basis for the positive impact that we wish to make in our country and in the world:


We believe in conscious design with a high degree of respect for human beings and the environment; that is why what we use are natural or discarded materials that we repurpose. natural seeds, copper wire from energy meters or discarded tires are some of the materials that we transform into uniquely designed pieces. We also apply this principle to our production processes. This principle impacts the following objectives of sustainability of UN 2030:


Our products contribute to the preservation of artisanal techniques such as fabric woven in lever looms or in double frame looms. Each product is handmade and has a unique story. There are no knots or curves that are alike. In a world in which the majority of things are mass produced, we wish to offer designs that show the beauty of a handmade, one-of-a-kind product

the Abyssinian Monastery, “Kaldi” a “Goat Herder” who tried and found the bright red berries having energizing effect. Therefore it is pointless unless we are considering for the inclusion of the Ethiopian Coffee not only for our unique coffee tradition but for it is being organic and widely collected from Yirgachefe, Limmu, Jimma, Sidamo,Wollega, Guji and other parts of the country. The new full- fledged and harmonized gallery will be having quality & brand coffee beans and roasted ones and related products which includes the spirit of the tradition; most likely mentioned one [Ethiopian coffee preparation] while maintaining the standard of its brand to appealers. In effect it will bring about positive impact in promoting not only intrinsic and extrinsic elements and cultures of the country but also for its significant role in image building of the country at large.

In the developmental phase of Entoto Beth Artisan, as a Social Business,to the extent possible. Till then all the diversified line of business have
been established and operational are successful in manifold measures creating job opportunity, CSR, and income/revenue generation for the
company and the country at large.Basing our grand objectives and the lesson we have obtained in our experience, the New Gallery will be very much accommodative enough increasing the number of employees engaging in all areas of our production, several areas of management since the production and the sales will be increasing to meet the intended result. More importantly the brand images and values of our original coffee types are also to be manifested and demonstrated. In other words our far-reaching objectives of empowering, restoring and creating can also be realized and maximized in creolizing such a big and standard gallery which ranges from the display of the aforementioned antic products and branded cafeteria and pastry equipped to serve our brand coffee and related out puts at large. 

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